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Beauty & the Geek: Rocket to Love

By: Raelynn Blue
Price: $2.99
Genres: Romance
Beauty & the Geek: Rocket to Love
After a long day of recreational shopping at the Atlanta Shoe & Purse Expo, Jewel Isles and her friends are relaxing in the restaurant of a nearby hotel. While heading to the ladies room, she nearly trips over a surprisingly fine man… Star Trek® lover and NASA scientist, Ben Wook Sun, doesn’t understand why beautiful women insist on dating illogical men. Adjusting his thick glasses, Ben made the decision to win Jewel. He was the best for her—period. It didn’t take a muscle-bound brute to scoop her up and whisk her away. He could do that. But first, he had to date her. Astrophysics, this wasn’t!