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Cozened: A Cybil Lewis SF Mystery

Cozened: A Cybil Lewis Novel

By: Nicole Givens Kurtz
Price: $12.75
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Cozened: A Cybil Lewis Novel

Cozened‘s heroine, Cybil Lewis is good at finding things… people and trouble, but not necessarily in that order. Cozened‘s author, Nicole Givens Kurtz is good at making us care about those people and the trouble they get into. Kurtz and Lewis make a great team.” —Bobby Nash, author of Evil Ways, Domino Lady “Money Shot

“Magnificent mansions with dysfunctional diplomats, ruined rock stars and failing families hid their shortcomings behind these structures of supposed strength. Such is life in the District.” –Cybil Lewis

Cybil Lewis and her inspector-in-training, Jane, are back on the case. Hired to find the missing son of a prominent woman, Cybil is pulled into the District’s sordid political arena of a governor’s family with dark and dangerous secrets, and the determination to keep them hidden.

Cybil will soon learn that anyone can be a little cozen.

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