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Celebrate Women in Horror Month

February 9, 2017

WiHM8-Website-Logo-Post Since our inception, Mocha Memoirs Press has promoted and celebrated women authors in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. But February is reserved for the gurls.

That’s right. It’s Women in Horror Month!

This month marks the 8th year of Women in Horror Month event, and we’re excited to participate in the celebration. So, saddle up, grab your PussyHat, and join us as we delve into creative, dark pool of female horror authors.

We invite you to check out our cache of talented female, horror authors.

We are women. Hear us roar! We’ll drown out the narrative that women can’t write horror…



Our contribution to WiHM7, Mocha’s Brew: Ten Tales of Horror. We sponsored a contest of flash fiction for women in horror. The results is a terrifying brew of tales with female protagonists in shot size bites.

Available in paperback only for less than the cost of average coffee.

Seriously, who wants regular Joe, when you can have Horror Jane?





Our initial contribution to the Women in Horror Month. Talented, Southern Gothic author, Eden Royce, edited this amazing volume of 22 stories, all written by women.

Blurb: Twenty-two short horror stories written by women are here on display for your enjoyment or your perverse fascination. Within these pages, beauty becomes deadly, innocence kills, and karma is a harsh mistress.   The Grotesquerie is now open…

This volume is available in print and in e-book formats.





These female authors offer amazing horror in all its gory glory.

Susan Roddey       Alexandra Christian     Sumiko Saulson

Marcia Colette      Selah Janel                      Amy Braun