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The Shadow Omnibus

The Shadow Omnibus

By: Amy Braun
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Sf

Ghosts, vampires, pirates, and more haunt the pages of this short story collection from author Amy Braun.   Bright Butterfly-Nova is an urban legend. Newly chosen to carry on the Mothman’s legacy, she believes in using her powers to protect humans rather than feeding from their fear. But the other, older urban legends are becoming…Read the Rest


Curious Incidents: More Improbable Adventures

By: A.C. Thompson
Genres: Horror, Sf

Welcome back to Baker Street! Holmes and Watson are here to greet you once more spinning amazing tales of murder, mayhem, and mystery with a supernatural twist. This time the great detective and his stalwart companion will venture into alternate universes, histories, and futures to solve puzzling cases of the paranormal far beyond the bounds of imagination.…Read the Rest


An Improbable Truth: The Paranormal Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

By: A.C. Thompson (Editor)
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Suspense

“When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains,however improbable, must be the truth.” Sherlock Holmes is one of the most recognizable characters in Western literature.  Conan Doyle’s inimitable detective has been the subject of literally thousands of books, movies, television shows, plays and even songs.  With the rise of the BBC series…Read the Rest


The Light at the End of Judgment and Day

By: Marcia Colette
Genres: Fantasy, Horror

Purchase via: Amazon (US) /(CA)/(UK) | Barnes & Noble Violinist and angel, Yvette Mills has spent almost 200 years living among humans while rounding up ghosts to send into Judgment. Back on the mend from her last confrontation with a malevolent entity, she’s ready to reenter the classical-music scene. One problem. She’s not facing one ghost. She’s…Read the Rest



By: Selah Janel
Genres: Horror

Like many young men at the end of the 1800s, Bill signed on to work in a logging camp. The work is brutal, but it promised a fast paycheck with which he can start his life. Unfortunately, his role model is Big John. Not only is he the camp’s hero, but he’s known for spending…Read the Rest


Black Goddess

By: Tom Olbert
Genres: Horror, Sf

Joshua Sinclair, a deeply troubled Gulf war veteran desperately seeking answers volunteers for an illegal physics experiment that regresses his being into pure energy, projecting him backwards billions of years through time,towards the beginning of the universe. Reality shatters, ancient time periods and long-dead alien civilizations crashing through into our world. As people begin disappearing…Read the Rest



By: S. H. Roddey
Genres: Horror

When Bobby Gaston walks into a diner and orders a beer with his breakfast, he can’t quite remember why he needs the fortification. While he wants to remember, he’s pretty sure he doesn’t want to know what happened. He strikes up a conversation with the cute little waitress, Sheila, who offers him a ride back…Read the Rest


The Grotesquerie

By: Eden Royce
Genres: Horror

Twenty-two short horror stories written by women are here on display for your enjoyment or your perverse fascination. Within these pages, beauty becomes deadly, innocence kills, and karma is a harsh mistress.   The Grotesquerie is now open…   Available in PRINT.


In the Bloodstream: An Anthology of Dark Fantasy and Horror

By: Eden Royce, Introduction and Compiler
Genres: Horror

The love of horror is like a virus. It gets into your bloodstream, causing an insatiable hunger for more. There is no cure, only the ability to soothe the craving until the need—once again—grows too great. And you crave: Urban legends that are sickeningly real. Attempts to cheat death that don’t quite succeed. Creatures with…Read the Rest


The Other Man

By: Selah Janel
Genres: Horror, Suspense

All Andrew wanted was the typical American dream: a good career, a nice house, and a loving family. Instead, he has a dead-end job, a cramped apartment, and children who remind him of creatures out of a sci-fi movie. He’s also well aware that he’s not the only man who inhabits his wife’s thoughts and…Read the Rest