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The Shadow Omnibus

The Shadow Omnibus

By: Amy Braun
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Sf

Ghosts, vampires, pirates, and more haunt the pages of this short story collection from author Amy Braun.   Bright Butterfly-Nova is an urban legend. Newly chosen to carry on the Mothman’s legacy, she believes in using her powers to protect humans rather than feeding from their fear. But the other, older urban legends are becoming…Read the Rest

Replicated: A Cybil Lewis SF Mystery

Replicated: A Cybil Lewis Mystery

By: Nicole Givens Kurtz
Genres: Sf

Life’s never simple for private inspector, Cybil Lewis. Her investigation for her latest client runs into a snag: dead bodies all over The District with his DNA. Is it a malfunction in the system or something far more sinister?


Curious Incidents: More Improbable Adventures

By: A.C. Thompson
Genres: Horror, Sf

Welcome back to Baker Street! Holmes and Watson are here to greet you once more spinning amazing tales of murder, mayhem, and mystery with a supernatural twist. This time the great detective and his stalwart companion will venture into alternate universes, histories, and futures to solve puzzling cases of the paranormal far beyond the bounds of imagination.…Read the Rest

Cozened: A Cybil Lewis SF Mystery

Cozened: A Cybil Lewis Novel

By: Nicole Givens Kurtz
Genres: Sf

“Cozened‘s heroine, Cybil Lewis is good at finding things… people and trouble, but not necessarily in that order. Cozened‘s author, Nicole Givens Kurtz is good at making us care about those people and the trouble they get into. Kurtz and Lewis make a great team.” —Bobby Nash, author of Evil Ways, Domino Lady “Money Shot “Magnificent mansions with dysfunctional…Read the Rest

Frightening Steampunk Tales of Terror

Ghosts, Gears, and Grimoires: A Steampunk Anthology

By: Edited by Rie Sheridan Rose
Genres: Sf

A grimoire is a magician’s manual for invoking demons and the spirits of the dead. Within the pages of this book, you’ll find just such tales…along with a sprinkling of ghost stories, possessed machinery, and wicked deeds cloaked in Steampunk. Immerse yourself in the magic, mystery and mayhem. Available from Mocha Memoirs Press’s Print Store |Amazon.com 

Silenced: A Cybil Lewis SF Mystery

Silenced: A Cybil Lewis Novel

By: Nicole Givens Kurtz
Genres: Sf

In the year 2146, the United States has completely collapsed, leaving the country in ruins. In this turmoil, Cybil Lewis and her inspector-in-training, Jane, fill a need. When begged by Jane to look into the disappearance of Jane’s cousin, Cybil is catapulted into a world of lies and deceit. As they investigate, they move far…Read the Rest

Heliodor by Shannon Wendtland


By: Shannon Wendtland
Genres: Fantasy, Sf, Suspense

Malfric sees through the eyes of the dead – literally reliving their last moments as if they were his own. This ability is highly sought, and highly priced which is why the unscrupulous Captain Finch hires him to find the murderer of a nobleman and the whereabouts of a valuable artifact. Quantex, the able-bodied first mate of…Read the Rest

Reunited: A Cybil Lewis SF Mystery

Reunited: A Cybil Lewis Story

By: Nicole Givens Kurtz
Genres: Sf

When a soldier returns from the moon colony wars, ravaged and worried about his missing wife, Cybil’s gut warns her to pass. Recalling her own days in service, Cybil decides to help Benjamin Satou’s locate his other half. The small fact that Satou’s a cyborg, a military secret and ethics nightmare only makes her want…Read the Rest


Bound by Ink

By: Kristi Hutson
Genres: Fantasy, Sf

Michiko has been a vessel containing three demons since she was a little girl. She accepts her lot with stoic humility, covered with warding tattoos printed with spell-laced ink. When the governors of her province send her off-world as a waste of resources, her life takes a strange new turn. She is jolted out of…Read the Rest


RieTales: Collected Short Stories

By: Rie Sheridan Rose
Genres: Sf

Covering several decades in the career of the author, the short stories in this collection range from light horror to dystopian science fiction. From the whimsical “Gremlins in the Workplace” to the dark fantasy of “Beauty within the Briars,” there is something for everyone.