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Mistletoe Dreams Collection

Mistletoe Dreams

By: Laurel Cremant, Drea Riley, and RaeLynn Blue
Genres: Romance

A new story by Laurel Cremant with bonus stories by Drea Riley and RaeLynn Blue. There’s no time for the holidays to find love. Whether you’re rekindling an old love, finding love in strange places or just expressing a love of the ages, follow our tales of love, laughter, and holiday spirit in Mistletoe Dreams. Winter’s…Read the Rest

It's Christmas, Cupid!

It’s Christmas, Cupid!

By: Drea Riley
Genres: Romance

With Nick and Jessica cooling their heels in Key West, the Klaus children are tasked with running Christmas. Nothing but shenanigans could come from this arrangement. Or murder if Jaq has to spend winter baby sitting the son of Cupid. Amur knew Jaq would rather kill him than speak to him. And he’d stand still…Read the Rest


Beauty & the Geek: Princess and the Professor

By: Serenity King
Genres: Romance

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Serenity King comes a sizzling story of beauty and geekdom. Entrepreneur designer, PRINCESS MONTGOMERY, sets off for downtown Atlanta to attend a handbag Expo and visit with her younger sister. After a few days of little to no time spent with her sister, Princess decides to take her purchases and…Read the Rest


Le Cafe de la Mort

By: David W. Landrum
Genres: Romance, Suspense

Blurb: Logan Weston is fascinated with Angela Malachi, owner of Le Café de la Mort—Death’s Café. As Logan and Angela move toward a relationship, people around them begin to die. Logan eventually learns Angela’s true identity and witnesses her condemnation by the supernatural powers who govern her life. He also learns that he alone can free…Read the Rest


Thomas in Fairyland

By: Tysche Dwai
Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Thomas Rymer struggles to make ends meet working two jobs and playing guitar in a local dive at night. Same thing week in, week out. Until the night he starts home to find a beautiful woman sitting on a hilltop. Sensual and exotic, she is everything Thomas has ever dreamed of. She praises his playing,…Read the Rest



By: RaeLynn Blue
Genres: Romance

Sinfully decadent and seductive, the stories in this five volume set involve the workers of C.A.K.E. advertising firm. High stress and tight competition–in and out of work–makes the employees more than ready to let off a little steam. And if they find love along the way, well, that’s even sweeter. This collection includes: C.A.K.E. AN…Read the Rest


Strange Bedfellows: Behind the Red Door

By: Alexandra Christian
Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Welcome to The Oubliette. Cali Barrows has had it with love. After wasting three years with the man she thought was the love of her life, she finds out that he’s been sleeping with his boss. Broken-hearted and bored, Cali’s life had become a string of TV dinners and tawdry romance novels. She wondered where…Read the Rest


Forever Irish

By: Drea Riley and RaeLynn Blue
Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Tabitha has the hots for her sexy boss, Seamus Dooley. There was something about him that she couldn’t quite put her finger on…but her finger wasn’t the body part she wanted to meld to him. Seamus felt the same way about his sultry waitress and bar singer, Tabithia. However, he realized that as the heir…Read the Rest


Native Hearts: Lasso a Lover

By: RaeLynn Blue
Genres: Romance

Lee Stone’s regular trips to Las Vegas have always been her escapes from her boring life. The biggest draw was the handsome man who wore the cowboy costume at Dante’s annual freak party. She didn’t know his name, but Lee knew she wanted more of what they’d started a year before. With her sexy cowgirl…Read the Rest


Native Hearts

By: RaeLynn Blue
Genres: Romance

(Formerly published as Heart-Shaped Hogan) Lee Stone didn’t want a heart-shaped box of boring chocolates for Valentine’s Day. She didn’t want a trip to Vegas. She’d been there and done that. What she longed for was one Valentine’s Day that didn’t invite tragedy and chaos. The last three years with her boyfriend, Tank Begaye, had…Read the Rest