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Avast, Ye Airships!

By: Rie Sheridan Rose
Genres: Sf

Purchase via: Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK) | Barnes & Noble|Print In a daring history that never was, pirates roam the skies instead of the seas. Fantastical airships sail the clouds on both sides of the law. Within these pages, you will find stories of pirates and their prey with a few more pragmatic airships thrown in.…Read the Rest


Black Goddess

By: Tom Olbert
Genres: Horror, Sf

Joshua Sinclair, a deeply troubled Gulf war veteran desperately seeking answers volunteers for an illegal physics experiment that regresses his being into pure energy, projecting him backwards billions of years through time,towards the beginning of the universe. Reality shatters, ancient time periods and long-dead alien civilizations crashing through into our world. As people begin disappearing…Read the Rest


Subject 82-42

By: Ronald T. Jones
Genres: Sf, Suspense

Annan, a war hardened Ashanti commander, is a captive onboard a slave ship. In the midst of a horrific journey, he leads a revolt that’s interrupted by a descending alien vessel. Annan and his fellow Africans find themselves confined on another ship, far from Earth, sharing a common captivity with the European sailors who formerly…Read the Rest



By: Balogun
Genres: Sf, Suspense, Suspense

Professional assassin, Ezekiel Cross, decides to retire from the business of killing and to leave the powerful crime syndicate to which he belongs.Ezekiel informs Danny Sweet, Ezekiel’s mentor and the Boss of the Sweet Crime Family, of his plans to leave the Family. Sweet seems supportive, but actually sets Ezekiel up as the subject of…Read the Rest

Soul Cages c (2)

The Soul Cages: A Minister Knight Novel

By: Nicole Givens Kurtz
Genres: Fantasy, Sf

First story in the Minister Knight series by renowned science fiction author, Nicole Givens Kurtz. Also available in print. For Sarah, imprisonment in Solis’s soul cages meant an absence of senses. Unable to feel, to taste, to smell, or to love, Sarah’s driven by her desire to escape and to become flesh once more. When…Read the Rest

The Chronicles of Moses: Harriet Tubman: Book 1

Moses: The Chronicles of Harriet Tubman: Book 1

By: Balogun
Genres: Sf

“I’m gon’ drive the evil out and send it back to Hell, where it belong!”– Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman is Gifted with powers beyond this world. She is a freedom fighter, psychic, a spy… and so much more. Now Harriet, the soilder, must match wits with John Wilkes Booth and his nightmarish team of hunters…Read the Rest

Warriors of the Four Worlds by Ronald T. Jones

Warriors of the Four Worlds

By: Ronald T. Jones
Genres: Sf

The Vingin are a peaceful species, who are genetically incapable of violence. Humans and Zirans are their protectors. While Humans have shown a frightening appetite for violence, they have never reveled in it the way that their alien counterparts have. For Zirans are a brutal species with a lust for war. Human and Ziran muscle…Read the Rest