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Still Another Day

By: Janet Eckford
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Genres: Romance, Sf
Still Another Day

Mila has come to terms with being the other in a world she once belonged to. The Agency had tried to make her a tool in their arsenal of control over the people they’d promised to protect, and she fled. Then Ravi, a man she’d committed to the secret parts of her memory, hope and happiness, tracks her down to take her back to that place she promised she’d never revisit  again. Now Mila has choices to make.

Ravi has been given the task of capturing Mila and returning her to the Agency to stand trial for the crimes she has committed. The best of the best, he doesn’t let emotion or feelings cloud his judgment. He has purpose, and that purpose guides him. Yet when he finds Mila, those feelings he’d thought he’d crushed find fertile ground in his doubts about her guilt. Seeing her awakens  the desire of a future together he’d once carried, and now he has choices to make, because taking her back doesn’t seem like the best option—if it’s possible at all.