We love coffee and we love books. The two are made for each other. We’re Mocha Memoirs and we’re dealers of diverse speculative fiction. Like a favorite coffee house, we offer new flavors for every reader. Taste one of our delicious and daring titles today!


Now available in Audiobook
Now available in Audiobook
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Find our books at these booksellers and libraries: 

Charlotte, NC – Park Road Books

Baton Rouge, LA – Blerd-ish Pop-up Booths

Baltimore, MD – Legacy Bookbar

Emory University’s Black Science Fiction Archive

Macon, GA – Middle Georgia Regional Library

Greenville, SC – Fiction Addiction

Online – Sistah Scifi

Titles are available via Ingram Distribution

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Tales From The Blog

Found Family

One of the most often misunderstood and misquoted sayings is “blood is thicker than water”. The full version of the saying is “the blood of

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