August is National Wellness Month

Burnout happens.    It’s a fact of life, whether you’re an author, a reader, or just about anyone else in the world. We all have times where everything just hits us at once and we feel overwhelmed and at a loss as to how to manage our time, energy, and general work/life balance. That’s why […]

Japanese Spooky Stories and Urban Legends – Guest Blog

Today, keeping in line with our Hot Summer Horror theme, I’ve asked a guest blogger to join us. Please enjoy this terrific post about Japan and its “spooky season” – which will begin next month!   Japanese Spooky Stories and Urban Legends   By Alex Matsuo (@thespookystuff) |   From the Celtic festival of […]

What Gives You Goosebumps?

When the Goosebumps books first came out in 1992, I was at just the right age to start reading horror books on my own. I hadn’t yet hit double digits at this point, but I had a library card and an unquenchable thirst for good stories, and it wasn’t long before I was drawn in […]

Residents of the Twilight Zone

One of the longest running sci-fi and horror franchises has to be ‘The Twilight Zone’. I can’t remember when I first began watching it, but there are some stories that have stayed with me (and not just because they are some of the most quotable): “To Serve Man”, “Time Enough at Last”, “The Monsters are […]

Where my Love Affair with Horror Began

My own love of horror stems from when I was a toddler. My mom often enjoys regaling my friends with stories of how I could use the VCR almost before I could walk, and that I knew which movies I could watch (A Family Circus Christmas and Disney films) and which I could not; but […]

Let’s Gather Around the Fire

Summer. A time for hanging out with friends. A time to enjoy yourself and forget about school and all other responsibilities for a while. A time for camp, and being away from the familiar.  A time-honored tradition at many camps is the gathering of campers around the fire to share scary stories with one another […]

What Waits in the Dark?

  Here we are in June, and summer is racing around the northern hemisphere with temperatures that may yet again break records thanks to climate change (seriously – the Earth has warmed 2 degrees in the past century); however, the official start of summer doesn’t occur for another week and a half, on June 20. […]

The Blank Page

Trying to fill a blank page is tough. Really tough, as anyone who’s ever been forced to write the dreaded “Five Paragraph Essay” or “How I Spent my Summer Vacation” report can attest. What most people don’t realize is that it isn’t only writers who struggle with blank pages; readers do as well.  Sure, there […]