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An Update on Crack in the Code Anthology

First, thank you for your patience. As I mentioned previously, both editors have had a series of unfortunate events that continued to cause delays with the anthology. That by no means the anthology isn’t still slated to happen. It is! We remain excited and committed to the anthology and to the wonderful stories of rogue bots!

Thanks to our first round of slush readers, we are moving forward. If your story was not selected to move to the second round, you should start hearing by the end of June [this week].

Equally if your story moved on to tier two, or the second round, then you should start hearing as well, with all submissions receiving a response by the end of August at the latest with most receiving either acceptances or rejections earlier.

We are close to the selection of those final stories. Thank you so much for sending us such amazing stories, over 348 submissions. That’s more than any of our 13 anthologies, a new record for MMP.

If you have questions, please contact me at the Mocha Memoirs Press email address.


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