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#BlackSpeculativeFictionMonth Celebration

October is #BlackSpeculativeFictionMonth, and we’re proud to celebrate; Black Speculative Fiction is our lifeblood. Started by a Black woman on a mission to amplify marginalized voices in speculative fiction, Mocha Memoirs Press was founded with the purpose of publishing those mainstream presses often ignore. From groundbreaking Afrocentric horror anthologies to Afro-Futurism and Afro-Fantasy, we are honored to offer a wide variety of Afrocentric literary delights as rich and varied as the African Diaspora itself.

As part of our #BlackSpeculativeFictionMonth celebration, we will be highlighting Black voices and Black stories, showcasing the writers whose powerful words left imprints on our souls. We’ll interview some of our own authors, learning about them and their inspiration. We’ll offer commentary and editorials on what Black Speculative Fiction means to us personally and professionally; how Black voices shaped our lives.

We’ll be publishing two new Black Speculative Fiction titles: Alice and SLAY, taking both zombies and vampires by storm.

We also discounted our entire library of previously published Black Speculative Fiction titles to $2.99 eBooks and 20% off paperbacks with code BLACK20.

Stay tuned for more #BlackSpeculativeFictionMonth excitementand more epic Black excellence!

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