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Dicey Grenor Slays Eleven Questions (repost)

(Originally posted on the MVMedia Blog)

Dicey Grenor

1). Tell us a bit about yourself.

Been practicing law in TX since 2005. Been married since 2007. Been a mom since 2007. Been writing and publishing sci-fi fantasy horror fiction since 2011. Been hosting the Sex & Horror Podcast since 2019. Been writing scripts since February 2020. Been a misfit since 1974.

2). Who is your favorite vampire author?

JR Ward. Because her vamps are sexy af.

3). If you had the choice, would you be a vampire?

Without hesitation.

4). Who is your favorite vampire?

Sleepy Willow—my narcoleptic vampire character.

5). What do you like the most about Slay?

Black vampires. In the words of Issa Rae: “I’m rooting for everybody black.”

6). What inspired you to write (your story)?

As with many of my stories, it derived from a random-ass conversation with my husband.

7). Tell us a bit about your story.

DIARY OF A MAD BLACK VAMPIRE: a bored vampire meets an equally bored human and chronicles the budding, albeit risky relationship.

8). What do you hope to accomplish with your story?

Entertain readers. Provide an escape from all that ails them for at least a few minutes.

9). Will there be more stories about your character?

Nope. ‘Fraid not. I’ve written several other vampire stories though, if anyone’s interested.

10). How do we keep up with all things Dicey Grenor?

I’m all over social media as @diceygrenor. Follow and engage. Please and thanks.

11). What advice would you give to Slay readers about this anthology?

Promote the hell out of it. Let the world know we’re out here writing stories you want to read. Show the supply. Stimulate the demand. We’ll keep writing them.

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Slay: Stories Of The Vampire Noire

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