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Do You Like Free Books?

Okay, so you’re a reader. You have piles of books on your ‘to be read shelves’, you’re subscribed to your favorite authors’ newsletters and blogs, maybe you’ve even met a few of them outside of the computer or the pages of their books. Now you’re thinking about writing a review and you’re not sure if you really should. Here are a couple reasons to help you make that decision: 

Reviews are a tool that help readers. Book reviews make books a known quantity, because they let prospective readers get an idea of what the book will be about and if it’s something they should pick up. By writing a review, you are helping other readers such as yourself in making a decision about how they’re going to spend a few hours of their life. 

Reviews are a tool that help authors. Book reviews give books greater visibility, which means that not only are there more readers, but authors become more well-known, which leads to them being able to write and publish more of the fabulous stories you’re looking for. They can help a book be carried in more bookstores, end up on more blogs, and reach more book clubs, and that means that the authors themselves can make more appearances and maybe even get to meet you

Now that you’re starting to consider doing it, how about another reason? You can get free books. If you’re not already aware, Mocha Memoirs Press has a Read & Review Program, where we’ll send you a copy of whatever book you choose any book from our catalog, and all we ask in return is that you write an honest review and let us know where you post it. 

That’s it. No gimmicks, no pleading, no bribing. 

Just free books for an honest review. Sounds pretty easy, right? If you’re interested, hit us up by filling out this form to get started. 

Like most things in life, there are a few, simple rules: 


  • If you find you are unable to finish one of the works we provided for review, please just let us know that the book wasn’t for you and we can work with you to find something different. DNF reviews are generally considered unprofessional in the book world, and we want you to enjoy what you’re reading! 
  • Honesty is obviously the best policy, but reviews focused on ad hominem attacks on the author, and/or those reviews in which constructive feedback is lacking just end up sounding mean-spirited. It’s okay to not like the book and to have your reasons for doing so, but hate speech, racism, sexism, threatening or what we deem offensive reviews will be reported to Amazon, Goodreads, and the locales where the review is posted. Please keep in mind that we’re providing our books for review with the expectation you will be honest – but also professional. 
  • By signing up for the Mocha Memoirs Read & Review Program you are agreeing to NOT share the book files, upload them on torrent, free ebook sites, free reader sites, and/or pirate sites, share them in any shape or fashion on the Internet, with friends or family or anyone living or dead.This is a form of piracy and is a big no-no!
  • Failure to adhere to these rules will mean your removal from the program and reported abuse/theft to the authorities as necessary.


Now that you’re all set and ready to read fun books and leave honest reviews, go fill out the form to get started, and we’ll email you to let you know we received your sign up. Your info won’t be used for any spam or given or sold to anyone outside of Mocha Memoirs, though we may occasionally reach out to see how you’re enjoying a book we’ve sent or find out if you’re ready for another. 

Happy Reading!

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