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Milton Davis Slays Eleven Questions (repost)

(Originally posted on the MVMedia Blog)

Milton Davis

1). Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m an indie author and owner of MVmedia, LLC, a publishing company specializing in science fiction and fantasy based on African/African Diaspora culture, history and traditions. I’ve written and published 21 novels and edited/co-edited seven anthologies.

2). Who is your favorite vampire author?

Actually, I don’t have one. But I must mention L. A. Banks for everything she did for the genre and others.

3). If you had the choice, would you be a vampire?

No. I don’t think I would like the taste of blood.

4). Who is your favorite vampire?

Blade, hands down.

5). What do you like the most about Slay?

I’m always a fan of anthologies and books that feature Black main characters and support Black authors. I’m also a fan of Nicole Smith. Who can say no to her?

6). What inspired you to write Bloodlines ?

I was inspired by my author friends. A lot of them are horror authors, so I decided to try my hand at it. I wanted to see if I could add a different spin on the vampire mythology.

7). Tell us a bit about your story.

Bloodlines is a story about a genetically engineered vampire who discovers what being a ‘true’ vampire really means.

8). What do you hope accomplish with Bloodlines?

I hope it entertains readers first and foremost, and I hope it adds a different spin to vampire mythos.

9). Will there be more stories about Telisa?

There could be. If there is a Slay II and I’m invited, then yes.

10). How do we keep up with all things Milton Davis?

You can check me out on Instagram at @obadoro, twitter as @Thegriot, and I’m on Facebook as well. I also have an author website (www.miltonjdavis.com), and there’s my publishing website, www.mvmediaatl.com

11). What advice would you give to Slay readers about this anthology?

It’s hot! Find a comfortable seat, fix your favorite beverage, then sit back and be amazed! Oh yeah, and spread the word.

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Slay: Stories Of The Vampire Noire

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