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Press Release for Night Shadows

May 11. 2021 — Rock Hill, SC

From the Publishers of Mooner, Bloody Rain, and Nightmarescape, comes yet another spine-tingling tale of terror sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC is pleased to announce the release of Night Shadows; a tale of eldritch horror.

A madman bent on power has opened an inter-dimensional portal in Des Moines, calling forth bloodshed, chaos, and death. Can a lone homicide detective and an FBI agent stop the nightmare before the streets run red?

Night Shadows is available online through the Mocha Memoirs Press website, and at fine brick-and-mortar booksellers near you. But be warned, this story may haunt you. Leave a light on.

Nicole Givens Kurtz
[email protected]

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