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Press Release: New Release – ‘The World as it Should Be’

From the publishers of Forest of Bones, The Windshine Chronicles, and the Minister Knight of Souls series comes yet another spine-tingling, genre-bending tale sure to leave you turning the pages in anticipation. Mocha Memoirs Press is pleased to announce the release of The World as it Should Be, a haunting tale of magic, witchcraft, and Salem’s deadly past.

Charity Olmstead wants to die. Despite being raised by two of Salem’s most beloved psychics, she isn’t cut out for life in the new magic-ravaged world. When she meets a kelpie on a riverbank, she believes she’s found her exit. But the monster is hungry for more than a meal. Sensing Charity’s unawakened magic, he enlists her help in a quest for revenge against the hunters who slaughtered his mate. In return he promises to grant Charity a swift, painless death once their job is done.

But as Charity and the kelpie track the hunters to their base, they uncover a terrifying truth: Salem’s deadly history might be about to repeat itself.

The World as it Should Be is available online through the Mocha Memoirs Press website, and at fine brick-and-mortar booksellers near you.

Nicole Givens Kurtz
[email protected]

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