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What Waits in the Dark?


Here we are in June, and summer is racing around the northern hemisphere with temperatures that may yet again break records thanks to climate change (seriously – the Earth has warmed 2 degrees in the past century); however, the official start of summer doesn’t occur for another week and a half, on June 20. This day is the Summer Solstice, also known as Litha to those of us who are witches and mark the eight sabbats, and is the longest day of the year. Rituals and celebrations mark the fact that the sun is at its solar peak, and blessings are requested with the hopes of the remainder of the year in mind.

It’s also the shortest night of the year, and it’s only after Litha that the nights begin to grow longer once again. 

What is it about the dark that worries us? That unnerves us? That causes us walk quicker to our vehicles and make sure our doors are locked when we get home? Is it the pressures of societal expectations, or simple common sense? Or what if it’s something more, something buried in our subconscious that warns us that otherworldly creatures come out after the sun has retreated, ready to take their prey?


Whatever the case may be, Stephen L. Brayton’s Night Shadows explores this question through the eyes of Detective Harry Reznik and FBI agent Lori Campisi. Shadowy creatures stalk the living by night in this Lovecraftian horror story, brought forth from another dimension by the actions of a man and the use of a book, and the two must team up to stop the deaths from continuing. If you’re a fan of horror (and let’s face it, would you really be here if you aren’t?) you’re guaranteed to enjoy this story that pulls you in even from the first few sentences and will leave you a little worried before you turn off your porch light at night or walk from your car to your front door. You’ll see shadows in every corner and start to wonder for yourself – if there isn’t a flickering light, why is the one in the corner moving? Night Shadows is available on our site, or on Amazon, and can be read for free through Kindle Unlimited.

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