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Third Time Lucky

The third and final installment of the Death Violation Series has arrived

March 31, 2023 – Rock Hill, SC Publisher Mocha Memoirs Press and Author Nicole Givens Kurtz are pleased to announce the third and final book in the Death Violation Series: A Butterfly Nexus. Set in Kurtz’s near-future, post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk world, Inspectors Fawn and Briscoe are tasked with the challenge of tracking down the person responsible for the murder of notorious con-man Lucky Strange. What they uncover is a tangled web of trauma, love, and deceit.

The Death Violation Series is being hailed by readers as “Law & Order meets Blade Runner.”

Pedro Iniguiz, Pushcart nominee, praises the series as “…a world populated with POC characters, all striving to get by in this future gone awry…they are detectives, scientists, medics, doctors, and they feel as real as you or me.”

“Nicole Givens Kurtz has given us a fresh new take on the slow burn end of our world as we know it.”
R. E. Carr

“Nicole Kurtz has created a gritty, noir science fiction world with characters you want to spend time with, but you also don’t want to piss them off. If I end up with a laser-blast in my chest, I want Fawn Granger investigating the murder.” —John Hartness, author of Quincy Harker and Bubba the Monster Hunter

Nicole Givens Kurtz
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