A Butterfly Nexus: Death Violation 03


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A Butterfly Nexus: Death Violation 03

Lucky Strange had a knack for ripping people off–his friends and lovers included. So, it wasn’t surprising when he disappeared for several months. Maybe he ran off to another territory. Maybe he was hiding from his debt collectors and furious former-friends. Or his wife.

When Lucky is found dead in the backyard of two women, the list of possible violators is longer than The District is wide. It’s up to Fawn and Briscoe to locate the death violator and send them to the Cradle. What unfolds is a ragged and ripped path into the hearts of people, and the lingering affects of trauma, love, and deceit.

A nexus so deadly and desperate, it will take all of Fawn and Briscoe’s cunning to catch him.

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A Butterfly Nexus: Death Violation 03

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