Falling Into Rhythm


Hearts beat together, breath for breath in perfect time.
Jude Renfro came to the small island town of Crawford’s Landing looking to start over. The bright lights of the LA music scene don’t shine as brightly after losing your greatest love. All he wanted was to fix up his rustic old house on the beach and start a quiet, happy life out of the spotlight for his five-year-old son, Kit. A new romance wasn’t in the cards. The last thing he expected was a sassy kindergarten teacher and a fall carnival to change his life forever.

You and I are fallin’ into rhythm. One more kiss and you’ll be mine.

Harper Winslow is not exactly the stereotypical old maid schoolmarm, but she’s never managed to find Mr. Right. Her greatest love has always been the students she teaches at Sojourner Truth Elementary. That is, until her rock star idol, Jude Renfro, and his adorable little boy waltzes into her life. His bad boy swagger and soul of a poet has her mind and body reeling. She doesn’t have time to fall in love, though. The school is on the edge of financial ruin and the whole town is depending on her and the annual Fall Crawl carnival.

Together, Harper and Jude are a perfect duet, but will it be enough for a happily ever after?

Falling Into Rhythm is a small town, second-chance romance for anyone who loves seasonal, Hallmark-style love stories.

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