Angela Brown came to Alaska to study dragons, not fall in love with one. But when Ryuu Sho Jin, a brilliant and beautiful dragon shifter, falls into a life-threatening fever, she realizes how much this clan and this dragon have come to mean to her. She risks her life and binds herself to Ryuu as his lifelong mate. In his arms, she discovers passion and terror like she has never known before, and feelings for this man she never realized she could have. But before she can process this relationship, she and Ryuu have to leave the safety and isolation of the clan to travel back to Angela’s hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. Ryuu’s brother, another dragon shifter, is in jail there, accused of murdering his girlfriend. Ryuu is desperate to save his brother; Angela just wants to help. But in the midst of other dangers, she discovers there’s much more to being a dragon’s mate than passion. Her life, her thinking, and even her own body are changing. She and Ryuu have to come together in every possible way to save one another before they both go up in flames.

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