Glitches & Stitches: Death Violation 01 eBook



“Nicole Kurtz has created a gritty, noir science fiction world with characters you want to spend time with, but you also don’t want to piss them off. If I end up with a laser-blast in my chest, I want Fawn Granger investigating the murder.”
–John Hartness, Author of the Quincy Harker series
Suffering PTSD from her past cases, Inspector Regulator Fawn Granger is exhausted with her job and she can’t wait to move to the Southwest Territories, when another death violation drops into her lap.

World famous Dr. Leonard Cho, obsessed with cybernetics, is killed.

Fawn and long-term partner, Briscoe Baker, have investigated strange cases before, but nothing like this one. Potential witnesses value their tech over the death of Dr. Cho, making the case difficult to solve.
Things become even more challenging when an organization, guilty of human rights violations, becomes involved, and a hacker gets their hands on a list of undercover Regulators.

With only five days to retirement, will this death violation push Fawn into a mental spiral? Or will she repair the damage for herself and bring the violator to justice.

Together, she and Briscoe must do all they can to solve this death violation.

Glitches & Stitches: Death Violation 01 eBook