Reality Junction



Something or someone is destroying Virtual Reality Incorporated. Only one man can go into their world and root out it out before it’s too late. Will he die in the process of helping others live?

Just when you think you know what’s happening – you don’t. Hector is thrown into a world where reality meets fantasy, where anything can happen, and love might just be a possibility.

The truth is in there. When Hector McDonald is called to do his duty by the corporation he has come to loath, he fights against his fate.

He would rather go on a cruise liner than enter the world of virtual reality. But someone, or something is killing his clients and on the way to defend himself he meets the beautiful Briony and the luscious Linn along with other, more questionable characters.

He is never sure who is friend or enemy but he knows that he must fight against time to save the lives of many more innocent people trapped in the worlds of virtuality where they thought they would be safe.

His life, and the life of the one he loves, are at stake in a game where the odds are increasingly stacked against them in a land of Never-Never that becomes a nightmare.

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