The Promise Keeper



In the shadows of ancient Benin, a demonic presence stalks an innocent girl on the cusp of womanhood. Seduced by this sinister stranger’s fatal charm, the girl’s soul descends into eternal damnation as she becomes one of the undead – a vampire slave to the merciless Promise Keeper.

For centuries across continents, the Promise Keeper haunts his victim’s every move, invading her mind with violent commands in an unholy pact sealed in blood. Just as she dares hope his reach cannot extend to the glamour of New York City, an ill-fated romance once again shackles the reluctant asiman to her merciless master’s bidding.

Now the Promise Keeper’s web of deceit and murder ensnares fresh prey as he compels his undead servant to act against her very nature. In the end, not even true love may be enough to keep this vampire from honoring her agreement with the dark force that owns her soul. Will his unspoken promise be fulfilled at last?

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The Promise Keeper

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