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Press Release: Find True Love this February

02/02/2020- ROCK HILL, SC

Mocha Memoirs Press and new author, Maya Preisler, releases the perfect love story, The Laws of Entanglement: A True Love Story. This first novel by Preisler has generated positive reviews.

“Non-linear storytelling done excellently!”- 5 Stars from Anglea Blackwell

“A wonderful addition to the Paranormal Romance genre!”-5 Stars from Greg A.

In The Laws of Entanglement: A True Love Story, Preisler asks, “What if your thoughts really do determine your reality and true love is stronger than death?” What follows is an adventure into the truth of love, unconditional and true. 

The story is of Kara Riordan. Who when she’s fifteen, she meets her soulmate. Unfortunately, he was already dead. Convinced their relationship was a product of her imagination, she moved on. Twenty years later, she is still haunted by the memories of a love she cannot forget. Determined to find peace of mind and uncover the reason a dead man was her destiny, Kara embarks on a journey which will require her to confront her past, her inner demons, and the gods themselves.

Maya Preisler has been creating art and writing stories since she could hold a pencil and scribble. You can discover her works at www.mayarenee.com and www.mayapreisler.com. Mocha Memoirs Press continues to produce bold, fearless fiction. 

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